Monday, September 5, 2011

Wowzer! Top 10!

Top 10 TBA

Ok! So.. I have completely been slacking. I have pictures on my ipod to upload and I just have not gotten it done. I am sure some of you can relate! whew.

Anyway.. I got an email today and it stated that Christie from First Grade Fever nominated me as one of her top 10 blogs! Wowzer- so cool! I feel like it needs a lot {and I mean ALOT!} of work and improvements- but hey, I have to start somewhere.  Thanks Christie- you made my day WEEK! {p.s. she made me the best jungle classroom sign and best name tags ever!} Check out her site. 

There are seriously SO SO many that are excellent, fantastic, amazing, etc.. etc.. You inspire me to keep going and change up and make my ideas and lessons more "colorful"

I also will be posting pictures of our second week, hopefully TOMORROW {where does the time go!??}

As for now, it's time for bed! We had a busy, extra long weekend. Can you guess one of the things we did??

in the rain.. even better! :D

Have a great week everyone!! :)

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