Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Keep Truckin'! Daily Five and Routine Galore!

Do any of you ever feel like this?!?!

Oh yes.. please tell me you do! "Keep truckin'" that was my motto the last few days. Thanks to my team and our strategist- I got all of my assessments done! {I owe them!}

We have been working on Daily 4 in our classroom. We {as a first grade team} are doing read to self, writing, spelling and "tub work." Since we flex group, we have working hard on getting the routine down. I am a little behind {to say the least}, but we are getting there. Check out our Daily Five/Can do center board. We are adding the anchor charts as we go! {the students can do Can do centers when they are finished with Daily 4 activities}. Thanks to Pinterest and all you bloggy teachers for the Read to Self ideas!

Here is our class anchor chart we made together. It is similar to the one that is typed and hung up on our board.

On another note.. we have building our classroom community! I went to a Mentor training last week at our AEA and got this cool graphic organizer idea. We used it to help our "new" friend follow the Marion Way - respect, responsibility and honesty. Check it out. The kids used post it notes to help him know how he would feel in our school- what he would hear, say, do and feel. Fun! They loved it.
he needs a name- don't you think?! :)
That's all for now! I better get moving! Hope you are all enjoying your week so far.

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  1. Oh my! YES!!! I definitely feel that way! Love your "Can Do" board!
    Christie :)
    First Grade Fever