Tuesday, October 18, 2011


VVVRrroooom!  That is where the month and weeks have gone. I was gone last week at a mentor training and between that, wedding planning and keeping up with life... I have NOT caught up with this thing called "my blog." {if that's what I should even call it}

Here is a quick glance of the past couple of weeks:

Two Words: Horrible Harry. I started reading this book as a read aloud. Now, the students are checking them out at the library and taking them home to share with their parents! :) They are LOVIN' them. We are reading Horrible Harry and the Dungeon right now.

Next up: Shared Reading and Text Talk books from last week: Thank you, Mr. Falker. Up this week for Text Talk is A Little Bit of Winter.

This week we are working on vocabulary words, as well as text to self and text to text connections. Check out our introduction to ABC order with Thank you, Mr. Falker! We did it together and they followed up with doing their own.

Finally, we have been using our HAMMERS to "build better sentences." This idea is taken from the Write Tools training. I show a picture and we brainstorm ideas for each part of our sentence (who, action, finish thought). We discuss which word choices will help us make it a "better" sentence. We talk about what a boring sentence might sound and look like, too. We will continue hammering away those boor-r-ring sentences.

Today,root beer floats were enjoyed for working together in 1B and following the Marion Way to have a safe and fun classroom for all of us to learn in! I have pictures- they will be posted {hopefully} SOON! :)

G'night to all!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Star Students & Coin ID

We have been working hard in 1B! Today we had a BUCKET FILLING DAY--all day. {I hope I don't jinx myself}. We have started earning Star Student certificates for showing the Marion Way {being respectful, responsibly and honest}.  Chester {our classroom pet-a stuffed animal raccoon} watches us and helps Miss Bowers' watch for those "star students!"

Last week we focused on coin identification. Check out the Coin books we made. They rubbed the coins with crayons on the page and then wrote the coin's name and how much it was worth. They had so much fun with this!

Last week, we worked on comprehension and vocabulary with the book: The Relatives Came.

That is all for now! I need to be better at taking pictures- I don't want to write and write about what we have done.. I NEED TO SHOW YOU SOME PICS! :) Have a great night! Tomorrow is Wednesday!