Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Second Week Glimpse!

We sure had a great day! It's amazing what can happen when the temperature of a classroom goes from 92 degrees to 70! We had a fantastic day and got a lot of learning done. {can we get a silent cheer!!??!?!}
yes- it.was.miserable on Thursday! We kept a positive attitude though!

Moving on... we are working on "can do" centers in our classroom. These will be centers that children will do when they are done with their Daily 4 centers during our 90 minute literacy block time. Their chioces are: writing, library, pocket chart, big book and listening. Listening is still closed- that will be open soon enough.  Here is how I decided to label my classroom library. This is a bucket from the leveled section of the library. I just use dot stickers to mark the tub and then each book has that same dot sticker on it! I used this in kinder too and it worked great- w/ practice, practice, practice of course!

Shared Reading last week:  Rain by Robert Kalan. Here is a picture of the buddy reading with our book we worked on previously: We Went Walking. Each big book we use comes with a little book for each child. We spend one day working on buddy reading. The kids get to keep their books in their seat sacks on their chairs.
sitting Knee to Knee and Eye to Eye

Here is our book from this week: Five Little Ducks! Here is our Day 1 Lesson before we went for a picture walk and read it together. We also sang the song! :) WE love to sing in 1B!

ok- well that is all for now. Hope you had a great day too!


  1. Wow, 70! It is still so stinkin' hot here. I had sweat bubbles glistening on my legs when I made the short distance from my classroom to my car after school today! Love your library system. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week!

  2. Cute ideas! Thanks for sharing!!