Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Here Comes the Sun Linky UP!

Hey All! Jennifer over @ Rowdy in First Grade is hosting a "spread the sunshine" linky party- focus on the positives! Oh boy- I'm sure glad she mentioned this- I was beginning to need {ok. really needed} a reminder!

She started with school and moved to home.. I think I'll follow the lead!

School Positives...
  • Our class got the "Dragon" award from our school library for turning in the most reading slips in first grade! At our school, we are doing a "Fired up for Reading" program- put on by our librarian! 
  • We had two specials today + an early out, that = Miss Bowers FINALLY getting caught up on her paper work and organizing herself!
At home:
  • It is soo much cooler out- no more air conditioner! :) {This is a plus at school too! WAHOO!!}
Well.. time for bed. Miss Bowers is pooped! Tomorrow Jennifer- I think I WILL be stopping for a Starbucks too, a pumpkin spice latte to be exact!


  1. The starbucks pic is making my mouth water!!
    Paying it forward! I just awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out:

  2. I followed Kristin's link at her TeenyTinyTeacher blog to head over here. Love your blog! I teach first also. Isn't it the best?
    First Impressions