Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Heat is on & Questions for Firstie Teachers !

The heat is on in the 1B classroom! It is very warm in our classroom {no air}, but we are surviving our first week. We are enjoying meeting our new friends- 21 smiling faces! Today we did a survey to see how many boys and how many girls we have in our class! How exciting! 11 boys and 10 girls {11 with Miss B}! I haven't gotten pictures yet- I am slacking- I know! I will try and get some up later this week!

WHOA! I just have to say I didn't even know what to do with myself on the first day of school when my friends knew how to sit in a chair, walk to the carpet, sit criss-cross with their hands to themselves, they knew how to use a drinking fountain, YOU GET THE POINT!? :) I think everyone should teach kindergarten at least once to appreciate those first few months! 

 I do have some questions for all you teachers though!
  • Desks- I am not used to these, since I had tables in Kinder! Do you have any tricks about how to keep bodies queit in desks when teacher is giving directions? Mine are constantly putting their hands in their desks and tapping the bottom of it. I know.. minor and I know I need to continue to practice the behavior I want, but thought I would ask if anyone had any tricks! 
  • Brain Break activities?!? Anyone!? :) I have some from kinder but could use some new ones! 
 Have a great Wednesday everyone! :) 


  1. Isn't it refreshing when they walk in and know what to do? Although, some are still stuck in their kindergarten ways and retraining them is a lot of work still!!!

    About the desks, I just make a point to be "mean" about proper desk sitting the 1st week. We practice, practice, practice and model, model, model.

    I've never done Brain Break work....I'd love to hear more about it though!!! Sounds like your day went well...yay!!!

    Marcy @

  2. Oh yes! I know exactly what you are talkin' about!!! I taught PreK before first & also taught kindergarten summer school this year-HUGE difference in everyday routines!

    I think the "desk thing" is so new for them that they really don't know how to sit at them. I make a big deal over someone that I see that is sitting correctly & point it out to everyone! I kinda drill into their head that they can do their best work when they sit correctly at their desk. At the beginning of the year, I will sometimes ask the students to fold their hands on top of the desk just to get rid of that temptation to "explore" inside the desk instead of listening. I agree with Marcie-practice, practice, practice!!
    First Grade Fever

  3. Hey Dianna,
    They won't do it all year, they just have to have some time to get used to them. It would be interesting for you to watch the ones who had desks last year compared to the ones that didn't, and see how they act! They will pick at things, that's why I always taped mine down thoroughly, which is a pain I know, especially to get off, but it sure kept them from picking, hehehe. Happy first week,