Sunday, August 14, 2011

3 Ways to Read Bookmarks

Wowzer.. where does the time go? With all of this wedding planning, new Firstie planning and trying to keep up with my daily life.. I have been neglecting this blogging world!

Summer is over... meetings all week this week and I have got to get my classroom finished too {that will be how I may WILL spend my evenings this week.} EEEK {admit my procrastination here}! I am doing a jungle theme for those of you following and I can't wait to get pictures up. My mom is sewing me some curtains and the last detailed decorations will be going up and then I will be sharing. Check back soon for a classroom tour!

The Firstie team has been working together {5 of us- with a total of 3 of us moving up together from kinder} to get our schedules worked out. We have decided to use this bookmark with our kiddos. Another teacher and I designed these last year, while teaching kindergarten and we loved them! We run them on colored card stock and laminate them for each kiddo's book bins. Check it out! Click here to get it!
That is all for now. Hopefully, I can wake up tomorrow on time and raring to go! We have 3 new kinder teachers and I am blessed to be mentoring one of them- that will be my meeting all day tomorrow! I may need this below to keep me moving through the day.. :)
non-fat, white choc. mocha- iced..mmmm

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