Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Madness

Hi All! I'm sorry about changing my blog design, but I am still getting used to all of this! Hopefully, I can get situated real soon! Thanks for being patient with me.

Ok.. well today I spent about 5 hours in my classroom. I am setting up a new classroom, since I moving from kinder to first this year. Whew- I forgot how much work it was to move and start all over in a classroom! My goal for today was to get my books sorted and into buckets in the classroom library. No labels yet... but check out the progress.

messy floor as I sort all of the books...

all of the books found a home! whew... now I need labels

One step @ a time.. that is for sure! I can't wait to get the labels made and add a rug and some fun accessories. Any ideas?? :) The top shelf are leveled readers and on the left side of the library are series books (Cliffor,d, Froggy, etc..) sight word readers and Jolly Readers (part of jolly phonics curriculum). The white bins (which are dish tubs from walmart- they work awesome for any organizing btw!) are themes such as: farm, ABC, math, transportation, school, feelings, etc..

I got home from working and checked the mail .. SURPRISE! I forgot I had ordered a magic wand from I have seen these all over teacher blogs.. sorry I can't remember which ones specifically. I wish I would have known about then! darn. 
A little worried about it being loud enough though!!
Time to stop rambling... have a great weekend!

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