Saturday, July 23, 2011

Beginning of the Year Printables

Stopping by to attach some of my beginning of the year printables! At our school, we do not get our class list until (wait for it).. no earlier than a week before school starts. Yucky! So, we have a "Meet your Teacher/Bring your Supplies" open house night the night before school starts. I have attached a few of the documents I use on that night. I will add more as I get them finished!

On the Transportation List parents will write their child's name regarding their child's transportation for the year. I tape it to the front white board and then I have a compiled list of all of the students. Afterwards, I type it up and have it all on one page.
 I give each parent a packet of information. In that packet is ABC's of First Grade {class handbook}.
I also have attached my Parent Note and Generic Student letter.
Since we don't get our class list soon enough, they get all of this information the night before school starts. bummer- huh?!

I am in the process of making my supply list for first grade, but this is the one I used for kindergarten.
 Kindergarten Supply Night

I have to give a shout out to Amanda for the great free fonts! If you haven't been there.. She rocks! Thanks to Abby for hooking me up! P.S. her website ROCKS, too. I can only hope my classroom looks half as creative as hers.

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