Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Are you a bucket filler?

Hello to all! I know I'm a little late on our weekly updates. Forgive me, as it's been a busy week in 1H and outside of it, too! 
1.Please make sure your child is bringing home their spelling list each week. They should be bringing it home on Monday. Please read, write, and cut and sort these words. On Friday, they will be expected to write these words. 
2. If your child is bringing home a word strip, please practice these word wall words. These are words that are to be read immediately and are commonly used in text.  

Take a look inside our first grade classroom...
Science: We have started our last part of our weather unit, clouds. We are studying them, learning some of the names of clouds and will even make our own clouds with cotton balls. 

Reading: We read the book Chick and Duckling, as a big book. Then the students received a "little book" to put in their seat sacks. They will enjoy reading the book to themselves and with buddies, too. This will build their fluency (when reading they: use accuracy {reading words and punctuation correctly,} use expression and are easy and natural to listen to). We also discussed story elements: main characters, setting, problem and the solution. 

Math: We have started Unit 2 in our math curriculum, Investigations. I have sent home the family letter including what we will be focusing on and the goals for this unit. Please take a look at it. We are also working on Addition and Subtraction strategies. You will see addition and subtraction worksheets coming home. Please review these with your children! What is a plus sign? What is a minus sign? What do they look like? What is the difference between them? Have them show you one way to solve an addition or subtraction problem. When designing number sentences, choose single digits (example: 8-2 or 3 + 7).
Below you will see the students starting their first exploring experiences with pattern blocks and fill in patterns.
Other: Students are working on building a positive learning community. We have signed our promise and we have sent that home for you to review the expectations. Please look and review this with your child. 

We are also working on filling each others buckets! We do this by giving compliments and positive comments to one another. Each Friday, your child will empty their buckets and bring them home. 
Here are our promises, posted in the classroom and signed by all!
our bucket filler board!

A bucket filler to Mrs. Hamilton!


Hope you all are having a great week! Have you filled someone's bucket today? :) 
Mrs. Hamilton

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