Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm BACK!!

Wow... I haven't updated since last year! This year my goal is to do this as an update for parents each week and to add to this teaching "bloggy" world! {I'm hoping I can keep up with this goal. I completely FAILED last year!}

I'm back and with a new name! Miss Bowers became Mrs. Hamilton over the summer. I'm finally getting used to my new name and still answer to Miss Bowers {even calling myself that too!}

Here is an update as to what we have been doing.. pictures to come! 

The year is off to a great start! We have a great group of 24 friends. We have been working on the Marion Way (being respectful, responsible and honest). We are also creating a Classroom Promise, so we can have a safe and fun classroom for everyone. I will send home our promises, when we have them completed and posted in our classroom. We are almost ready to post them! The students have been working hard to create a great, learning community for all. 

Reading: We have been reading the Big Books: 5 Little Ducks, Rain and I Went Walking.The students also received "little books" to read and keep in their seat sacks. This week, we read a book called Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. With this book, we have been working on comprehension strategies. We are making connections and today we worked on comparing ourselves to the main character, Alexander using a Venn Diagram. Look for it in your child's take home folder! Ask them how they are the same and different, too. 

Math: We have been working in our new curriculum called Investigations! We have a lesson, practice and then follow up with their workbook pages. You may see some of these come home unfinished. Please do them together at home, as practice if you wish! In our first Unit, we have been working on counting, number sequence, simple addition and subtraction and developing strategies for combining quantities. 

We have been playing a game with our number line (or 100's chart) called "Start with/Get to!" Ask them about it! (Can they start with a given number and get to a given number, by counting?) We are working on numbers 0-31 with this game, at this time. 

Science: We have started our unit on Weather. In the upcoming days we will be learning about wind speed, cloud cover and precipitation. We will also be learning the word: Meteorologist

That's all for now! Check back later in the week for some pictures. 

Mrs. Hamilton {ugh.. how do I make a new signature??!! I don't even remember!!}

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